Dr. Kovalchuk
We are often requested
To remove the bunion /
Hallux Valgus
And we always explain, that bunion removal is only one
of the components of a complex forefoot reconstruction.
The purpose of such reconstruction is not just to remove the protruding bunion, but to make it never appear again. To do this, we radically improve the biomechanics and shape of the foot, resulting in the disappearance of pain and discomfort. The aesthetic effect of a narrower foot is a nice addition.
How it works?
Foot X-ray
We need foot x-ray in two planes
for preoperative plannin
Doctor's consulation
After clinical examination we will select the best treatment option for your feet.
We will eliminate deformity and improve the shape of the foot during the operation.
Early function
In a couple of hours after the operation you will be able to walk in special shoes.
One day in clinic
If we correct both feet at once, patients usually stay overnight in clinic.
Relaxed regime for 5-7 days
It is recommended o spend the first week in a quiet mode to reduce foot edema.
Wearing Barouk shoes for 4-6 weeks.
Wearing Barouk shoes while walking allows to unload the forefoot after surgery.
Stability of results
Wear comfortable shoes most of time.
Use orthopedic insoles during long footwalks.
Wear high heels for no more than 3 hours in a row.
Exercise your feet regularly.
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