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Hip Replacement
- a very successful operation, which eliminates pain and stiffness in the hip joint.
This operation involves removing and replacing worn parts of the pelvic and thigh bones that form your hip joint. It is performed primarily to relieve pain and stiffness in the thigh caused by deforming osteoarthritis of the hip.

It is also sometimes used to treat injuries such as hip neck and head fractures, as well as some other conditions.

It is worth considering the option of hip replacement surgery if you have severe pain in the hip joint, which cannot be reduced a with medication permanently and which interfere with your work, disrupts your sleep or daily activities; as well as stiffness in the thighs, which restricts your hip motion and makes it difficult to walk.

Knee Replacement
- a successful operation that allows you to get rid of knee pain and to restore knee mobility and correct leg alignment
Most people who need knee replacement have advanced knee osteoarthritis, in which the cartilage wears out and the joint surfaces become rough and uneven, with many pits and erosions. This causes pain, stiffness, instability, and ill curvature of the leg due to changes in its axis.

Knee replacement surgery can also help some people who have a weakened knee due to injuries and rheumatic diseases.

Shoulder Replacement
- succesful surgery that allows to reduce shoulder pain and discomfort, enabling to work on recreational and fitness activities.
Shoulder arthroplasty is a successful operation that is performed to reduce pain and restore mobility in patients with end-stage osteoarthritis of the shoulder and, in some cases, after a severe fracture of the neck or head of the shoulder.

Shoulder replacement surgery eliminates pain and helps to restore range of motion, strength and function of the shoulder joint. One year after surgery, 9 out of 10 of patients have a painless function that allows them to train their shoulder to restore strength and range of motion.

Most patients can return to swimming, yoga, playing tennis, badminton and other physical activities that they previously avoided due to shoulder pain.

Для того, чтобы результаты реконструкции радовали вас как можно дольше, рекомендуем:
Rehabilitation after joint replacement begins begin in 4-6 hours after surgery and is performed 3-5 times per day.

During this time, patients will learn the basics of their daily activities with a new joint.

In the future, if necessary, they can return for more specific rehabilitation, or it can be carried out by a specialist on the go.

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